What is Shine Plus?

Shine plus is the total solution for all types of injecting treatments such as botox, filler and meso. The big advantage of Shine Plus is a constant and effective injection in various modes with minimized leakage of solution during injection.

The hand-piece is specially designed to be compatible with any types of syringe with less than 5cc of volume. As a result, Shine Plus can be applied to various injection treatments.

There are 3 types of multi-needle (5PIN, 8PIN, 16PIN) specialized to Shine Plus. They satisfy various demands by providing options to diverse patient conditions, maximizing treatment satisfaction of both doctors and patients.

Advantages of Shine Plus

• Precise control of injection
   - Dose (0.001cc ~ 0.1 cc)
   - Depth (1.0mm ~ 3.00mm) 
   - Can adjust suction pressure/interval (Step1 to Step4)
• Minimal loss during and after injection
• Full GUI (Graphical User Interface) with 7 inch wide screen
• Frequent software update
• Compatibility with all kinds of solutions and syringes in the market
   (1cc~5cc syringes)
• Various application : Botox, filler, aqua-shine, reshaping injection, meso, etc.
• Injection speed control (Slow, Normal, Fast)
• Free voltage: 100~220V, 50~60Hz   

Treatments to be used with Shine Plus

Regenovue fillers and aqua-shine are made with high-quality Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize and give elasticity to the skin.

The effectiveness of Shine Plus will be maximized when used with Regenovue Aqua Shine.