What is Beta-glucan?

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Glucan refers to Polysaccharides composed of repeating glucose units. 

They can consist of branched or unbranched chains in any linkages.


Beta-glucan is the general term for the polysaccharides that are polymerized by chemical 

combination of β-1,3, and Beta-glucan can be found in the cell walls of algae, bacteria, fungi, 

yeasts, and plants.


β-1,3-D glucan in FDA classification

β-glucan is a safe and potent nutritional supplement


β-glucan is generally recognized as safe (category GRAS)


β-glucan is has no known toxicity or side effects


β-1,3-glucan is a primary immune activator

Effects of Beta-glucan

1. Moisturizing & Cooling


2. Burn Marks/Scars Treatment


3. Proliferation of Fibroblast


4. Proliferation of Keratinocyte


5. Collagen Synthesis of Fibroblast                                                            

6. Healing of Sun-damaged Skin


7. Whitening


8. Wrinkle Reformation

Applicable Fields of Beta-glucan
Industry Product
Medicine Immune Control Agent, Anti-Cancer Agent, DDS
Health Supplement Beverage, Functional Food
Cosmetics Moisturizing Agent, Skin Care Agent
Other Strengthening Immune Diet Food (Losing Weight)
What is Beta Scaffold Patch/Mask?
Beta Scaffold Patch/Mask is made       

of 100% activated Beta-glucan       Hydrogel.


It provides cooling & moisturizing 

effect, and regeneration & 

elasticity of skin.


Beta Scaffold Patch/Mask can be applied in various fields as it is composed of biocompatible polymers.


Scaffolder for stem cells                 


• Matrix for producing artificial skin



• Scaffolder for biological tissue



• Wound/burn treatment



• Immune system controller



• Skin rejuvenation mask



• Filler for wrinkles or breast surgery

Special Features of Beta Scaffold Patch/Mask?

Outstanding Cooling Effects


Beta Scaffold Patch/Mask has outstanding cooling effects that it can stay 

cool for two hours even if it is not refrigerated.


Various Ways of Application


Beta Scaffold Patch/Mask can be applied in various fields due to enough 

gel rigidity, thus, it satisfies the needs of customers.


Excellent Adhesion


Beta Scaffold Patch/Mask shows a strong adhesion as it has condensed 

essence, softness, and elasticity.




Beta Scaffold Patch/Mask is free of skin irritation since it does not contain 

any artificial supports, but only uses natural hydrogel. Also, Beta 

Scaffold Patch/Mask has a clear appearance, even on the cut-off                       edges.            

Beta Scaffold Patch/Mask Types

2 Types

- Mask: 2 separate pices (upper & bottom)


- Cut-off : 130mm (W) X 150mm (L)


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Beta Scaffold patch allows 
a simple after-care as it can 
be cut into your preferred

mask small.jpg

Beta Scaffold mask allows an 
easy self-care at home