HyaFilia (Biphasic HA Filler)

HyaFilia is made by CHA Hospital Group, the best women medical institute in Korea, also known as luxurious anti-aging treatment center for celebrities.

HyaFilia  is well-known  for ease of administration, predictable effectiveness, good safety profile, and quick patient recovery.

HyaFilia 's cross-linked  HA forms  more durable  material against decomposition by heat, physical impact and enzymes.

HyaFilia used a non-animal HA that provide long- lasting wrinkle refinement without physical reaction.

Structure of HyaFilia
Application Area of HyaFilia
Experimental Data of HyaFilia 

The Efficacy of New Hyaluronic Acid Filler (HyaFilia) (2011)

Journal of the Korean Society of Plastic And Reconstructive Surgeons Vol.38, No.1, January 2011

Immediately after the injection 8 weeks after the injection 16 weeks after the injection

The nodular swelling of HyaFilia is most prominent on both eight weeks and sixteen weeksafter the injection

HyaFilia Models
HyaFilia Petit                            HyaFilia                            HyaFilia Grand


Cross-linked hyaluronic acid  (20mg/ml)

Average grain size

200μm 500μm 1.100μm


Correction of superficial wrinkles: fine lines and wrinkles on thin skin

Correction of superficial wrinkles: fine lines and wrinkles on thin skin

Filling deep wrinkles

Injection Area

Superficial dermis

Mid dermis

Deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue

Packaging Units

HyaFilia Petit 1.0: 1 ml
(27G, 29G)
HyaFilia 1.0: 1 ml
(27G, 29G)
HyaFilia Grand 1.0: 1 ml
(25G, 27G)

Storage Conditions

To be stored at room temperature (1-30℃) away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life

36 months