• OMNI PRP (60cc)

Omni PRP

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy is a revolutionary new treatment that aids

in the healing and regeneration of soft tissues.

In essence, it extracts one's blood that includes platelets with their associated

growth factors and re-inject these platelets back to treatment areas.

Then, the platelets and its corresponding growth factors significantly regenerates

and restores the injured area.


Special features of Omni PRP

• Transparent cylindrical kit allows a clear visibility for easier extraction

• The curved neck design reduces possible cell loss

• PRP and PPP can be extracted from a single kit by one-time centrifugation

• High concentration rate of platelets (45-48 times)

• Does not use needle when collecting PRP or PPP

• Can control the volume of plasma according to the treatment plan

• Closed system to prevent air contamination possibility 

• Always yields the maximum amount of PRP regardless of the operator's skill

• Competitive price

Effectiveness of Omni PRP

"One must concentrate the platelets as much as possible to make high-quality PRP"

Ideal PRP should have at least one million platelets per 1μl  of PRP, but it's not possible to

extract highly concentrated PRP without using a proper PRP kit.

Thanks to Cure PRP, users can easily extract PRP and obtain highly concentrated platelets to

maximize PRP therapy effects.

Other PRP kit's platelet concentration rate: 4-6 times

Omni PRP's platelet concentration rate: 45-48 times

Application areas of Omni PRP

Dermatology/Plastic Surgery

- Skin rejuvenation & Scar regeneration
- Skin firming & whitening
- Autologous fat grafting
- Hair loss prevention & treatment

Orthopedics/Rehabilitation medicine

- Pain relief after surgery
- Sports rehabilitation
- Joint healing
- Strengthening ligaments
- Decreases inflammation
- Control chronic pain


- Tooth extraction
- Implant & bone graft


- Regeneration after LASEK
- Xeroma (dry eyes)

Research and Development

- Cell separationell separation
- Cell regeneration


- Maximizes therapeutic action after surgery
Product Specification


ISO 13485, GMP, PCT, KFDA Cleared
Gamma Ray Sterilized

Omni PRP Kit Size

Diameter (Top): 3.7cm

Diameter (Top): 3.7cm

Height: 12.7cm
Weight: 45g

Buffy controller Size

Diameter (Top) : 2.0 cm
Diameter (Bottom) : 4.0 cm
Height : 13 cm
Weight : 105 g