What is Plasma Gel?

Plasma Gel is an Autologous filler used for wrinkle treatments and volumizing effect of targeted areas.

NeoGenesis' PRP activator with Plasma Gel increased the time sustainability after injection, and the many growth factors and Cytokines from the use of PRP activator assisted in the rejuvenation and restoration of the skin.


Correction of all kinds of wrinkles

Volumizing effect

Filling scars

Hollowed cheeks

Accentuation of the chin

Cheek bone accentuation

Hollow areas beneath the eyes

Contouring after loss of tissue

Plasma gel has the same color and form as Autologous fat.

But when injected,

the softness is much better than autologous fat.

Academic Background of Plasma Gel


Plasma Gel is,

Academically based on Krajcik's "Autologous material for soft tissue augmentation" (1999).

And Dr. Meyer Rogge from Germany presented this idea again (2003), based on the Krajcik's publication.

Specification of Plasma Gel

Dimension : 18(L) x 16(W) x 15(H) Cm

Weight : 1.9kg

Production Capacity: 6cc

(1cc in each hold)

Syringe Holder Capacity : 6ea

(1cc syringe in each hold)

Display to indicate temperature

Power / Emergency stop buttons

Plasma Gel Preparation Process
 1) 70℃ 5minutes
 2) 90℃ 8minutes
 3) Cooling (Appx. 5 minutes)

Advantages of Plasma Gel

No Cost
It highly reduces the cost and the surgical price since it utilizes patient's own blood as a filler.

Quick & Simple Preparation
No complicated process necessary; Only a blood sample is required for this treatment and procedure, and its one button protocol will automatically produce the final result

No Side Effect
There is no risk of adverse effects since the material is originated from patient's own blood.

It is softly and naturally injected into the derma and subcutaneous layer.

Combination Therapy with PRP

It can be easily combined with PRP therapy since both of PRP and Plasma can be obtained from a blood sample. Clinics that perform PRP and Plasma gel procedures together can have comparative advantages over other clinics where perform only PRP treatments.

"One-button-protocol will enable you to obtain Plasma Gel more easily and simply!"

How to produce Plasma Gel (Using Genesis PRP)
Blood Extraction
After collecting 1.5cc of anti-coagulant and 15cc of blood in a syringe, transfer it to the Genesis PRP kit and centrifuge it at 1700G for 5 minutes.
Plasma Preparation
Extract Plasma from the top layer, and transfer them into 1cc syringes.
Clinical Results of Plasma Gel
Plasma Gel shows an immediate effect as soon as it's injected.
Also, patients won't receive irritated feelings unlike other fillers that cause severe irritations.
Combined Therapy
Left: Activated PRP with PRP Activator
Right: Plasma Gel
Plasma Gel
Activated PRP and prepared Plasma Gel are mixed by using a transfer, thus creating a new form of Plasma Gel. The addition of Activated PRP with the Plasma Gel will promote longer lasting sustainable longevity and the growth factors contributing in the rejuvenation of the skin tissue.