• MINOS PRP (20cc)


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Platelet is one of the blood elements that usually flows along the blood stream as an inactivated form. But when it is activated by wounds or damages of tissues, it performs its original functions of blood clotting and wound healing by dispersing many Growth factors

A method that maximizes these abilities by concentrating the platelets and applying it to treatments is called PRP therapy.

Since there are a lot of Growth Factors in platelets, PRP can be used for various treatments by triggering cellular proliferation, collagen production, hyaluronic acid production, epidermal cell growth, angiogenesis and etc.

Special features of MINOS PRP

  1. 1. Compatible with any swing type centrifuges
  2. 2. No side effects due to the use of patient's own blood
  3. 3. Fast healing by stimulating the auto healing system
  4. 4. Separation/isolation only with single centrifugation
  5. 5. Closed system / No air contamination possibility
  6. 6. High concentration of platelets (Up to 17 times)
  7. 7. Controllability of the plasma volume according to the treatment plan

The reason why you must use MINOS PRP

Ideal PRP should have a maximum amount of platelets and minimum amount of plasma and RBCs. But it is not possible to extract only the PRP layer without a proper PRP kit once centrifuged.

However, with MINOS PRP kit, it is possible to extract the buffy coat layer only. This allows the users to treat patients with maximized effect of PRP in the simplest and easiest way.

Furthermore, MINOS PRP kit provides 12-17 times more of concentration ratio compared to those of other PRP kits (4-6 times).

Application areas of MINOS PRP

Dermatology/Plastic Surgery

- Skin rejuvenation & Scar regeneration
- Skin firming & whitening
- Autologous fat grafting
- Hair loss prevention & treatment

Orthopedics/Rehabilitation medicine

- Pain relief after surgery
- Sports rehabilitation
- Joint healing
- Strengthening ligaments
- Decreases inflammation
- Control chronic pain


- Tooth extraction
Impant & bone graft


Regeneration after LASEK
Xeroma (dry eyes)

Research and Development

Cell separation
Cell regeneration


Maximizes therapeutic action after surgery

Product specification


Minos PRP w Box - Without CE.jpg

ISO 13485, GMP, PCT, KFDA Cleared
Gamma Ray Sterilized


Diameter (Top) : 2.8 cm

Height : 12 cm
Weight : 23 g


MINOS PRP Protocol